Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Light Rose Swarovski studded Beats headphones

After the 24 Carat Gold headphones by Crystal rocked, Dr. Dre has now created the Light Rose Swarovski studded headphones, that will surely ‘bling’ up your sound listening experience more than anything else. With high quality sound output and external noise cancellation, these headphones are equally capable of catering to your professional audio needs.
Despite the 4,300 individual rose Swarovski crystals over the headset, the weight is fairly light which means one wouldn’t feel a load while listening to long hours of audio. 
Accompanying the headset will be a special fiber cleaning cloth, meant for precious surfaces such as these. With advanced Aegis Microbe Shield Technology, you can hope for a perfectly clean and hygienic set of headphones. These shall set you back by $891 a set.

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