Friday, 4 November 2011

The Bodum Coffee & Tea Make

The Bodum Coffee & Tea Maker is an innovative coffee/tea machine maker that brews beverages in a fishbowl-type device. This unique kitchen appliance was created by designer Sunny Ting Wai Wong.
The Bodum Coffee & Tea Maker works the same way as a regular coffee maker, as grounds are wet with super hot water and strained through to the coffee pot. The difference between the Bodum and traditional coffee makers is that you can actually watch the process as it happens. Bodum also allows you to brew only the amount of coffee or tea you want, ensuring you don’t wind up with a full pot of coffee when you only wanted a cup. Perhaps the best feature of this design is that it adds artistic flair to what is usually viewed as an essential, but unappealing kitchen appliance.

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