Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Earbuds Bracelet

The Earbuds Bracelet Seems Modeled After the Apple Product
Female music lovers around the world will certainly want the Earbuds Bracelet, especially if they are also fans of Apple products, as the design appears to be modeled after the tech giant’s own simple yet iconic earphones.
Created by jewelry designer Monserat De Lucca, who brought viewers the Measuring Tape Wristlet earlier this year, the Earbuds Bracelet shows yet again how everyday objects can be appreciated in other forms. Athropologie, who is currently selling the Earbuds Bracelet on its site, writes, “From knobby ends to sleek plug, this golden rendering of a constant modern-day companion coils musically around your wrist.”
This chic design would make a beautiful gift for that special someone, and is released at the perfect time with the holidays coming up.

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