Friday, 18 November 2011

Space rings

Space rings, which were unveiled at the recently held Dubai International Jewelry Week, are available as 2 separate categories, namely Space Wedding rings and Space rings, these will indeed be exclusive with only 50 units of each available on sale.
They are available in 2 options: space rings, and space wedding rings. The space wedding rings are available as a pair for $17,000 each which will have men’s and a woman’s ring in them. Rather delicately handcrafted and polished, they indeed make the occasion special for the bride and groom. Each of these rings has been engraved with serial number of production, from which customers get to choose and buy.

The space rings are more generalistic, and are meant for collectors of exotic jewelry. These are also a limited edition set with 50 produced overall, but come with a lower price tag of $12,000 each. However, the lucky customers will each get a USB pen drive, which will have documented details of the space flight in which these rings will be there, and also a separate certificate testifying the authenticity of these rings. 

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