Friday, 9 December 2011

Custom Made Ferrari cars

Ferrari is now offering to let its customers the right to personalize their Ferrari, by selecting a whole range of fabrics with textures and colors to opt from.
Based in Maranello, which has been the center for customized versions of Ferraris, starting from the 1950’s, this tailor-made programme is meant for everyone that picks up a new edition of the supercar. Divided into a series of 3 sets, namely Scuderia, Classica, and Inedita, these customization packages help customers choose from a whole range of options to personalize their own Ferrari. The Scuderia draws from the long sporting history of the brand, while the Classica tries to bring back some of the magic in the classic GT models from Italian car maestro. The Inedita, on the other hand, gives the customers the greatest creative freedom as the options for colors and textures are the most varied and they get do something which is truly unconventional.

In order to ensure that each customer goes out a satisfied individual, the company allots a personal designer to them, who then suggests the options and helps choose the best combinations whether it’s the car exterior color, or interior fabrications. The designer also ensures, that the traditions and standards of quality which has marked Ferrari for so long, don’t get compromised upon. 
After this process, when decisions have largely got a definition, the owners get to monitor the progress of the whole project right up till the delivery. Upon completion, they also have the option of coming to Maranello to collect their personalized vehicles, or having it sent to them. 

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