Monday, 30 January 2012

The 2012 Land Rover Defender Blaser Limited Edition

The 2012 Land Rover Defender Blaser Limited Edition, with only 60 pieces ever made is priced at $64,500.
The things to note in vehicle would include the Keswick green paintjob (exterior and interior stitched leather upholstery) which will be useful for camouflaging in the wild, along with the skid plates, frontier push bars, electric winches, additional lighting system, and also a special rack on the hood of the SUV, accessible by a mini-ladder that comes with it. Since this SUV is meant for uneven paths, there will be special tires which will be apt for the uneven surfaces in the wild, helping extra grip on road. 
The most interesting addition of the lot however, is the lockable gun safe placed at the passenger or rear end of the vehicle. 
This gives space for storage and mounting of 5 long arms along with ammunition. Should wildlife photography be the main interest, there is also the provision of putting up one’s camera on the holder.

 As for the engine goes, there is the Euro-5 compliant 2.2-liter turbo diesel version, which gives 122BHP of power output.
 It also has additional air intake capacity due to the additional capabilities. 

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