Friday, 27 January 2012

Konstantinos Chaykin Mystery Watch

Konstantin Chaykin ‘Mystery’ Watch goes on display at BaselWorld 2012, in the month of March. 
The Russian horological maestro includes new aesthetics and advanced mechanics in the Mystery watch, which will have its minutes and hours hands suspended on a transparent dial, apparently. Apart from the obvious unknown element of the design, the great finishing and aesthetics are a part of the packaging for this new creation.
With the Mystery watch, one can begin to draw lines on the fact that Chaykin has something for the moon and its movements. 
Featuring a gold case available in rose or white options, there is a transparent dial which features the hours and minute hands on a transparent base, which somehow also conceals the smaller tourbillon movement parts under the bezel, never the less giving the rather different appearance to the timepiece. The Roman numeral digits on the out ring indicate the hours, with the micro-markings in between meant for the minutes. Around the 3 ‘o’clock mark is the Konstantin Chaykin Branded moon phase indicator, which the Russian designer has successfully used even with the previous model.
The mystery seems to have been retained for watch until BaselWorld event in March this year. That’s when further details about the fabrication, pricing, and horological engineering will be revealed.

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