Friday, 20 January 2012

The most expensive T-Shirt in the world

Superlative Luxury 100% organic T-shirt which crosses the price barrier by a considerable margin, by pricing it at $400,000. Placed with multiple cut diamonds of the black and white varieties, the production process of this t-shirt is known to be 90% more eco-friendly than the traditional method and the resultant fabric being suitable for virtually any skin type there is.
the t-shirt is made using sources of energy with are 90% lower in terms of carbon emissions, which incidentally takes the production and delivery time to a stretched 28 days, before it all reaches the customer. On top of it all, there are going to be diamonds worth 9 carat in total weight, including a combination of white and black diamonds, worked out on the chest in a prominent design. Some of these diamonds are even known to be above 1 carat in weight each, whereas the black variety is generally weighed below a single carat.

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  1. Why would i want diamonds on my shirt? I'd prefer them where they should be, my fingers