Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Wendy’s has unveiled the Foie Gras Burger in Japan

However, Wendy’s new luxury fast-food option isn’t available in America — you need to fly to the luxe Tokyo shopping district of Omotesando to experience their new culinary endeavor. The regular square beef patties are still on the menu, but they are joined by the foie gras burgers, which cost 1,280 yen ($16), and avocado and wasabi burgers (820 yen) as well as grilled chicken served with truffle and porcini mushroom sauce (920 yen). Wendy’s is hoping its exotic new menu will entice the sophisticated Japanese palate.
“We think the fast-food market here is ready for something different,” Ernest Higa, chief executive officer of Wendy’s Japan LLC, said in an interview at the restaurant’s opening.

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