Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Renew SleepClock dock

Renew SleepClock combines the necessity of a proper smartphone dock with the necessity of good sleeping patterns. The merging of health and technology has seen significant growth, especially involving personal, at-home devices. The Renew SleepClock is another example of the direction tech companies and society are taking.
Developed by Gears4, the Renew SleepClock dock works with iPhones, iPods and iPads. When paired with the SleepClock app, it monitors the quality of a person’s sleep: how long they slept for, their breathing rates and movement, when they are in a deep sleep and if their sleep was interrupted. Using these metrics, the Renew SleepClock “wakes [people] up at the lightest moment in [their] sleep cycle, so [they] feel more refreshed and alert,” according to the developers.

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