Sunday, 25 March 2012

a billion dollar project of the Real Madrid Football club in UAE

UAE is now going to play host to a billion dollar project of the Real Madrid Football club. Currently in talks with the Emirate of Ras-Al-Khaimah, the Real Madrid Club folks are looking to create another artificial island resort in the Gulf Coast, which will which include a marina, 10,000-seat capacity sports arena, luxurious hotel, a amusement park, villas and also a club museum. Of course, it is now at the stage of being approved and construction is to begin on a fully fledged scale, 2015 January is when this mega-project is stated to be complete and open its doors for the public to use.

From what is being estimated, there will be approximately 1 million visitors on the Real Madrid Island Resort, per year, when it opens for operations by 2015. Perhaps this is the reason, why the investment of $1 billion has been approved for this project alone.
One ought to be profoundly surprised, when taking into account that there will be 4.6 million square foot of space to be used, which will house all the facilities mentioned before. The construction theme of the project is known to be ultra-modern and innovative, much like the Khalifa Tower and Burj Al Arab Hotel, but will be created with a similar framework, much like the Palm Island in Jumeriah, Abu Dhabi. A marina, luxury villas and hotels, large stadium, amusement parks, and other sports arena, will all come under one roof, and provide a holiday platform paralleled by only the most luxurious projects in the world.

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