Monday, 19 March 2012

The ‘Cypher’s Little Brother’ watch

The ‘Cypher’s Little Brother’ watch is sleek yet sly as it requires some knowledge to comprehend this intricate time piece. Unlike most watches with a big and little hand, the Cypher’s Little Brother watch concept uses its bold and mechanical-like designs to reveal the hours and minutes.
It’s a secret if you can’t read it. The hour hand is the big semi-circle and the one end in clockwise direction indicates the hour. The minute hand is the narrower bar but sometimes it’s masked by the hour hand; in that case, just add 30 minutes to the free end of the minute bar. The tiny triangles and dials surrounding the face can help.
Cypher’s Little Brother watch concept is a rendition from an initial watch called Cypher (hence, the name). Designed by Samuel Jerichow from Germany, this watch is made almost completely from matte black steel. There’s a colorful ring that lights up to give the sleek and dark watch some emphasis.

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