Friday, 2 September 2011

The Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia: the most complex timepiece by IWC

IWC Portuguese Siderale Scafusia is a made-to-order timepiece, which shall have complications never seen in any other from this watchmaker.
Like high-end watches, this watch will offer plenty of customization options to its buyers. From the casing material to the strap, and the horizon design on the back-dial, every essential component has to be ordered for specifically. Since hand craftsmanship features extensively into the making of the watch, one has to wait for a complete year to get one of these delivered to them. The front of the watch features the 46 mm wide dial, which comes with a somber black and white enameled combination. 3 dials show you different facets of time including the sidereal time (24-hour format), the sun-time and also the seconds, which wouldn’t falter till the limit of 11.5 seconds a year. To empower the movements, one has to hand wind the crowns on the side which gives the timepiece 96 hours of power reserve. The back-dial is what sets the timepiece apart. This dial indicates which number of the day it is, in the current year, along with displaying the positioning of the celestial bodies. As specified earlier, the customer can get the yellow and blue enameling customized to his/her location on the planet for accurate results. 

Both the dials are protected by sapphire glass coverings, which are scratch resistant.
Another point to note regarding this masterpiece is that, it took close to 10 years to conceptualize and design which included inputs from eminent scientists over time.

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