Friday, 2 September 2011

Rhino chair by Maximo Riera

Spanish artist Maximo Riera has come up with a collection of Rhino chair. This chair, that would certainly lend a beauty to your home, forms a part of the artist’s Animal Chair collection that consists of furniture in the shape of various species ranging from insects, mammals to reptiles. Each piece is a perfect combination of strong and sturdy furniture a with beautiful art.
The designer has created the chair using sturdy inner frame along its body for steadiness and balance. Aware of the difficulty in balancing the chair as this was not a four-footed usual chair, the designer went on for making the hind part (the rhino-shaped head portion) heavy so as to create balance between the two front feet of the chair and the hind part. The chair is an elegant looking piece made of dark brown leather and can be a unique piece of furniture for any corner of your living room. The animal lovers can have a look at this intricate piece at 100% design London from September 22-25, 2011.
Maximo Riera’s collection of Animal furniture is an ‘artful’ tribute to the animal on the planet. These great works of art also display the nature’s beauty to the mankind.

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