Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Aston Martin Furnitures debut

Aston Martin has impressed just about any style loving individual. Whether it was cars, Drive-Me Home furniture collection, Voyage 55 concept tender, or the Mobiado handsets, it seems the brand name and style quotient is rubbing off on everywhere. The latest product to bear the established brand name of the auto maestro is the luxury office collection furniture, created by the Formatalia Luxury Group. Meant for the premium range of office goers, who have an eye for sophistication combined with modern day sleekness in designs, this furniture brings in pretty much the same thing what the Aston Martin cars would, to its lucky buyers.

For the desks, there is the push button mechanism for opening and closing the drawers for the one that has them (PKU04). The body for this one is mainly aluminum with black leather (night) outer skin. On the other hand, the PKU08 is more simplistic design, with the curved glass top and aluminum frame beneath. The accompanying chair is of course selected matching the color of the table set and rest of the d├ęcor. Equally smooth finished on texture, light yet sturdy, these are virtually the must haves for each well-healed executive’s boardroom.

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