Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Escoffiette Randwich

The Escoffiette Randwich Delivery service is perfect for people who like surprises. The term ‘Randwich,’ which happened to be coined by two employees at Etsy, is a combination of two words: random sandwich. It is basically a delivery service that provides surprise sandwiches. Since menus can be overwhelming and lunchtimes very short, Escoffiette Randwich Delivery takes the pressure off the customer.
Based in Brooklyn, Escoffiette Randwich Delivery services “anywhere accessible by the New York City subway system,” according to its site. Also, because it are a startup, it must take orders two days in advance and will only accept payment through Paypal and Venmo. Nevertheless, the possibility of getting a sandwich like its five-spice meatballs with lavender béchamel may just be worth all the trouble, especially since its goal “is to research winning flavor combinations.”

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