Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Porsche Panamera Black Bison

The Porsche Panamera Black Bison is a five-door design that is function, fun and elegance wrapped in one luxurious black model.
The Porsche Panamera has even been given a pre-release, testosterone-driven face lift full of upgrades including a body kit by Wald international. According to the Porsche website, the toned-down touring car version has a 0-100km speed of 4.2, and a top track speed of 303kph.

Few people would have attempted to perfect a Porsche, but Wald international’s Porsche Panamera Black Bison blows the competition out of the water. This “dub” edition of the luxury car shows what the perfect mix between luxury and street racing can look like.

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  1. Saw one today, Friday may 4, 2012, in Miami with cali tags...9