Friday, 27 April 2012

The Bugatti Wei Long Year of the Dragon Edition

The Bugatti Wei Long Year of the Dragon edition Grand Sport model was amongst the premium lot unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show, also carrying a premium price tag of $2.09 million (€1.58 million). However, the one shown at the event remains a one-off piece, making it yet another exclusive edition after the Visette series, L’o’Blanc Porcelain edition, and the ‘Sang Blanc’ version, which were all unique faces of this supercar.
Offering a 987 HP output power from the 8-liter W16 machine, the Grand Sport Year of the Dragon Bugatti can now declare far and wide, about an optimum speed of over 400 km/ph.

The reason this collector’s item got the attention at the event was the aesthetics, which the company redrafted the car in, with the collaboration of K├Ânigliche Porzellan Manufaktur. With porcelain being the new fabric of choice with the Bugatti designers, this special edition has been given the body of the same fabric in white color, whereas the interiors have been given a vibrant red coloring, but with special Dragon motifs all around. However, one will also notice the carmine red with the brake calipers of the 20-inch alloy wheels of the car.


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