Friday, 27 April 2012

Wasabi and White Chocolate Cupcakes

Add a little heat to your dessert table with these intriguing Wasabi and White Chocolate Cupcakes. Created by the adventurous blogger Katie from the drool-worthy blog ‘Katie Cakes,’ these feisty little treats will deliver a tasting experience like no other. Spiked with the popular Japanese condiment made from horseradish, these innocent-looking confections pack an inferno of heat and a tempering amount of sweet.
Katie started out with a simple vanilla cupcake batter, to which she added a healthy dose of white chocolate chips and just enough wasabi to clear your nasal passages. If you can handle the heat, add more wasabi and you’ll be sure to get some eyes watering. When prepared according to Katie’s measurements, these cakes deliver a subtle warmth and spice that is pleasantly balanced with the sweet creamy flavor of white chocolate.

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