Saturday, 12 May 2012

Kisai Uzumaki Analog Watch

Adding extra function to a classic timepiece, Tokyoflash Japan has created the Kisai Uzumaki Analog Watch that beams with color. Watches are made to tell time, but are also pieces of art wrapped around the wrist.
The Kisai Uzumaki looks like a whirling vortex of colors. It features a luminous display, bright EL backlighting and reads time like a conventional analog timepiece. The name ‘Uzumaki’ is the Japanese word for whirlpool, hence its swirling design concept.
The colorful swirls aren’t just for aesthetics, they indicate the time in analog format so that a quick glance at the watch will give the time. It’s perfect for night or dark places where there’s no need to squint to tell the hour of day while time is ticking away. The hours are placed on the outside while the minutes are indicated in the inside.
The Kisai Uzumaki is 100% stainless steel and is available in black or silver with blue or green as the display. 

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