Saturday, 12 May 2012

Wood Castings pieces of furniture by Hilla Shamia

Presenting a striking combination never seen before, these wood-casted pieces of furniture were created by designer Hilla Shamia. These Wood Castings promise a constant visual of the merger between two splendid materials – wood and aluminum. The reaction between hot aluminum and burnt wood creates a clear boundary between the two elements, combining them into a raw stand-still moment.
This allows the “negative factor of burnt wood” to become a focal point with a deep visual impact. When using this technique of combining aluminum and wood, there is only so much control, the small details being left to natural forces. Melted aluminum invaded every crack it could find, intimately bonding with the burnt wood.

The original tree trunk keeps its shape, but it split between the elements composing the collection. A square silhouette gives off an artificial vibe, while protecting the material it is forever bound to.

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